A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Love Paradox is my first game, a Visual Novel about a young woman who travels back in time and meets her first crush and former teacher. It's pretty short, only about 10K words of dialogue, but it has a branching plot and four endings. Please leave a comment and tell me if you enjoyed the game, I would appreciate it.


-770 dialogue blocks, containing 10,531 words and 54,096
characters, for an average of 13.7 words and 70 characters per block

- 8 menus, 58 images, and 23 screens.

Published Oct 31, 2017
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
GenreVisual Novel
TagsLGBT, renpy, Romance, Short, Time Travel, yuri


loveparadox-1.0-pc.zip 132 MB
loveparadox-1.0-mac.zip 118 MB


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Thank you for creating this! - and I do hope you feel inspired to tell more, and longer, stories in future. :)

Well.... It's pretty good game. Maybe I bit too short. But my will to see more endings really expanded gameplay time :) . And it's great. I like games with choices and few endings.

Artstyle is ok. Characters are well done. Very cute and adorable. And with nice personalities. 

Cute! I didn't really connect much with the main character, she's more my type while I'm a bit more like Nelly maybe. To my surprise that didn't matter, I enjoyed watching them both slowly fall for each other. I also liked the thoughts and questions about time travel. Keep making great games : )